Testimonials From Colleagues & Former Patients

An Avuncular Obi-Wan Kenobi

I won't pretend to be anything other than as biased as it's possible to be about Gregg Bernstein. I can't be otherwise. Gregg came along when I was hanging from a cliff's edge by calcium-deficient fingernails and had been hanging there so long I'd figured this was just my lot. I didn't believe help for me existed and anyway I didn't have the right to ask.

So Gregg comes along (well, I was referred by someone who'd seen him for years) and we're talking, but more importantly, he's listening and genuinely interested in how I came to be hanging there and what it's like right now, in the present moment--that's how he works. The past is past. It's not unimportant, it's just not where you are now, it's not what you're experiencing immediately at your life's leading edge. Maybe you'll talk about it, maybe you won't. In any case, Gregg will gather all he needs to know about your past by witnessing your present.

So Gregg comes alongside you with his experience and intelligence and the impressive scope of his learning. He comes alongside with the profound compassion of one whose perceptivity is tuned as finely as some NASA probe built to register nuances of feeling you didn't know you had. He comes alongside and steps, delicately, respectfully, into the enclosure of your privacy, the place your shame's been hiding you, and he abides. The two of you hang out.

Eventually, I came to trust him. I came to trust myself around him. He saw good in me that, up to that time, I didn't dare believe, but he saw it so insightfully and convincingly that over time my ability to deny it broke down. This may not even be Gregg's greatest skill, but it is one that sets him apart as a psychotherapist: his ability to seam together potentially conflicting modes of relating to his patients: He is personally invested in his patients (or at least he is with me) and yet he can do this without abrogating the authority of his professional role. It's a neat trick that Gregg pulls off masterfully. Like an avuncular Obi-wan Kenobi.

Gregg helped me identify where I would benefit from psych meds. And he stuck with me through the ordeal of getting sober from years of alcoholism. I can't be unbiased about Gregg because he, put simply, saved my life, or more precisely, he helped me want to save my own life.

Gregg is as good as it gets in the helping professions. He is honest and trustworthy, skilled and emotionally clear enough that his own personality issues, whatever they might be, never interfere with his ability to be present and gentle and truly loving.

-Dan S. (via Yelp)

My Go-To Guy

As a Psychiatrist, I'm always looking for Therapists I can count on to lay on serious help, especially for my Clients who are feeling extra terrible or who are battling overwhelming circumstances that my pills obviously just won't touch.

Gregg is one of my few Go-To Guys. He does excellent work and I get to see people get better, which is the whole reason I get up in the morning and head to work.

If you have a therapist you like and if you think you are getting great help, then you are right where you should be. If you aren't that lucky, then it's probably worth your time to call Gregg and ask if he can fit you in his schedule. (He will.)

  • Pros: His clients get better and they really like him.
  • Cons: I don't get to be one of his clients.

-JacksThe (via Kudzu)

A Professional Recommendation

Gregg Bernstein and I have been professional colleagues for twenty years. He draws from theory and wisdom, but mostly he can just be with his patients. He is not afraid of their pain, sadness, rage or emotional needs, and he can be present without judgments. At the risk of sounding overly simplistic, I believe that we as clinicians have relied on theory and techniques at the expense of valuing the humanity and individuality of our patients. Gregg has all the academic background and a range of talents—he has training in psychodynamic traditions, cognitive behavioral theory, meditation and so on, but he has much more.

He has perfected the art of 'being in the room' with whomever he is working with. He is not afraid of exploring and working with transference, and is therefore more capable of deepening the relationships with his patients. He has worked with individuals and couples for many years, and is willing to challenge them (or himself) when necessary, often in ways that may draw from theory and technique, but go beyond that in being uniquely suited to the individuals involved and their particular problems and desires.

I highly recommend Gregg—he is a seasoned clinician and a person who is devoted to his work and his patients. I know many people who have worked with him, and they have all benefited enormously.

-Betsy Collins, LCSW

Best Therapist I Ever Had

Having had a quite difficult childhood emotionally and being a shy child to boot, I've been in and out of therapy for most of my adult life. Having lost many of my older relatives as a child, including my single mother, I was devastated when my first truly successful marriage ended in 2004 when my third wife lost a 9-year battle with cancer. Being slowly forced out of my job to boot threw me into a very deep depression. I had a very sweet therapist at the time who would call between sessions to check up on me and give me a reduced rate for twice weekly visits, but I clearly wasn't getting better. A friend had recommended Gregg years earlier, but I chose the cheaper rate. Penny wise, pound foolish! When I finally switched to him in desperation, it was like a breath of fresh air. He has a fantastic sixth sense that tells him when to listen, when to question, and when to make a profound, yet simple statement. Examples that come quickly to mind are "I'm proud of you." and "You are the CEO of your life." With Gregg's blessing, I recently stopped seeing him on a regular basis, but I know he will be there for me should I ever need his services again. He is simply by far the best therapist I have ever had.

-lpdouglas (via Kudzu)

My Top Recommendation

Dr. Bernstein is a caring and skillful psychotherapist. He is my first and top recommendation to anyone who wants to get to know themselves better and grapple with issues and problems in his or her life.

-Melinda H. (via Yelp)


As I sit to write this review I am a bit overcome. Overcome with gratitude, overcome with grief, overcome with incredulity at the scope of my journey, overcome with love, overcome with levity, overcome with sadness at the rarity of what's been found, overcome with joy that what was lost could be found. Overcome, overcome, overcome.

Hyperbole? Perhaps, but let's face it we are not talking about a car mechanic.

Dr. Bernstein's vocation and avocation.....feelings. Feelings, emotions, quandaries, needs, etc. A messy and treacherous realm for many of us and be assured Gregg is a veritable Sherpa of this landscape. The very fact that I can allow myself to be overcome is testament to his skill.

However, skill is merely part of the equation. To engage in a practice that partners another through their dark places and nightmares, to pull at the stubbornly stuck doors behind which are trapped a strong, a playful, a true self takes more than skill, it takes passion and no small sum of talent.

To give you an idea of my qualifications I can tell you that I come from a long line of therapists. Brothers, cousins mother, aunts, uncles, great aunts, great uncles, etc. I am progeny of the psychodynamic canon. Mind you, my point is not that my lineage has resulted in making me a therapeutic connoisseur that would need only the most specialized and rarefied practitioner to polish the edges around my well-adjusted psyche. Yeah, no. My point is that having come from such a background I was not only completely lost but soundly shamed into denying it. You know the story of the cobbler's kid with no shoes? I was the therapist's kid with no identity. Sad.

I'm better now.

If you need a kind, intelligent and compassionate someone to join you in your journey through whatever it is you need journeying through, this is your someone.

Best of luck to all who are seeking.

-Karen K.

A Professional Recommendation

Gregg does excellent work.

I happen to know several people who have seen him (I'm absolutely not exaggerating) and the comments I hear over and over are:

  • he's really great at helping you
  • he's extremely smart
  • he cares about you

& people say they definitely intend to keep seeing him.

That would be a great endorsement for a therapist if it came from one client who's done work with him, but that's what at least half a dozen people have told me about working with him so far.

Given that uniformly positive feedback from people I know and the so-so descriptions of other therapists in the community, I think it makes sense to contact Gregg B. if you are shopping for a therapist.

-Jack T. (via Yelp)

Sensitivity And Genuine Compassion

Gregg is an extraordinary person and outstanding therapist. He's profoundly present in his work and brings a range of knowledge and techniques to bear on his patients. His honesty and candor combined with sensitivity and genuine compassion have made a real impact on me. As a person and as a father he has had a real life with real experiences which he is willing to draw on in order to build a therapeutic connection.

I continue to draw lessons on my life and work from Gregg's thoughtful and caring interactions. While he is able to help a great deal in a short time, Gregg is not about a transaction but about helping you for as long as you need it, and adapting his style and support to fit where you are in your path.

I strongly recommend Gregg as a psychotherapist, and suggest that if you are ready to make real improvements in how you are experiencing your life, he is the essential partner to help you get there.

-Sam R. (via Yelp)

An Amazing Journey

Gregg has had a profound influence on my life. His penetrating attention to my story, his warmth and the depth of his compassion have helped me overcome pain, depression and fear. His humor, wide range of knowledge and intelligence have lifted my spirits and given me hope. Through my work with him I've come to know and trust myself. It's been an amazing journey. If you are looking for real help, guidance and genuine care, I wholeheartedly recommend Gregg Bernstein.

-Leslie Z. (via Yelp)

Commitment And Stubborn Love

Let's face it, it's very tricky choosing a therapist. When I met Gregg, Yelp didn't exist; all I knew was that I was in a lot of pain. A friend told me, "I just finished doing some really deep, powerful work with someone." And then, I was sitting in a room with a man who greeted me with gentleness and spoke in a way that gave me a sense of hope - that I might actually be able to live a life that's really true for me, and not somebody else's idea of what my life "should be." He delivered on that promise, with a kind of commitment and "stubborn love" when I couldn't find either inside of myself. I know many therapists; I know many people in therapy. I don't know a single one who has the depth of gratitude and sense of privilege that I have, having been Gregg's client. (Oh and PS, I had been in a lot of pain waay before meeting Gregg, and had been with several therapists prior, so previously war-torn and now thriving to tell-the-tale, I offer this recommendation with decades of perspective.)

-Sal S. (via Yelp)

A Much Fuller Life

Gregg Bernstein has helped me immensely. I now live a much fuller life and have richer relationships with others. I am no longer afraid of making mistakes, not so concerned with pleasing other people. Gregg is not a flashy guy. He has a huge heart and great understanding of how to help others work through their pain and be less constrained by tangles from the past. If you feel that therapy would help you, I wholeheartedly suggest setting up a meeting with Gregg. After one meeting, you will know if he is the therapist for you.

-Evan R. (via Yelp)

An Eye-Opening And Exciting Guided Journey

It is very difficult to assess whether a therapist is "good" or "bad" because you need a therapist when you are emotionally and psychological in turmoil. I was seeing a therapist for several months and although I found the meetings painful and trying, I thought that I was somehow going to get better. My family, however, saw that I was getting more depressed and suggested that I see another therapist. In retrospect, I realized that the therapist had his own problems that he was trying to work out. A family member then referred me to Gregg Bernstein and I immediately felt a trust in him that I had not experienced with my previous therapist. He is intuitive, insightful, and dedicated to the therapeutic process. He also has a great sense of humor. Over the many months, he provided a safe environment for me to look into the mirror and worked with me to find my true self and to accept and appreciate that person that I was examining. Looking into one's self and one's history can be painful, but with a very competent therapist like "Dr. Gregg", I felt that I was at once on an eye-opening and exciting guided journey in discovering myself and loving myself. It has been several years since I have been a patient, but I have referred several people to him and they have all benefited immensely from his professional help. Every year, I write him a thank you note during the holidays, but I thought the best way that I could thank him was to write this recommendation of him so that someone out there could also be aided by his intelligence, compassion, and professionalism.

-Donna U. (via Yelp)

A Stronger Woman

Dr. Bernstein is a very genuine, honest and intelligent counselor with many years of valuable psychotherapy knowledge. He helped me deal with a painful divorce from an abusive ex. I couldn't thank him enough for all of his guidance and support. He was also very flexible in working around my busy schedule as I had to take care of my toddler. I am now a much stronger and smarter woman. I highly recommend Dr. Bernstein to anyone who is having a tough life.


Gregg Gave Me Life

Gregg Bernstein is an amazing person. Having come from a severely dysfunctional family, I had seen a number of therapists throughout the years, starting in my teens. While most were caring and tried their best to help, no one understood or was able to help, except Gregg.

When I first met Gregg, I thought, "Uh oh, he can see right through me," and, "Thank goodness someone finally sees me". I knew instantly that he would be able to help.

Gregg was fully present in heart, mind, and soul. He didn't "treat" me as a patient to be examined and psychoanalyzed. He interacted with me as a whole person. This sounds obvious, but in my experience (including with two friends who are psychologists) it is the rare therapist who can be consistently present, intelligent enough to work through the complexities, and have the strength and heart to go the distance.

[Gregg] has a great sense of humor and never made me feel like I was crazy or incurable. He has an amazing ability to go with the flow and let therapy happen in a natural way.

It took a long time, but we stuck it out and I am now a whole, peaceful person. There are so many things he told me that I still use constantly, years later.

There truly are not words to express how grateful I am and always will be for Gregg.

My mother gave me birth, but Gregg gave me life.

-Karen W. (via Yelp)

As Good As It Gets

I searched a long time and tried four different therapists for various things previously; and most were fine, just not someone I was compelled to continue to see after the immediate circumstance was resolved—say while in a relationship that was struggling...

I finally asked the best therapist I knew who they would recommend and bingo, Gregg was far better than I could have hoped.

First, he is just the warmest and most deeply caring person. He also has an extraordinary intellect that I really respect. And having both was not typical in the people I previously saw.

His vast experience and adaptive approach helped immensely, both in the short term and on real growth and continued development over the time I've worked with him. He is far more knowledgeable on ADHD than any other professional I've encountered, for example. He has been just an incredible asset and even a mentor to me when I was a struggling young man, and I have immense respect for him. Now, at 50, I am clear that I am the man I am because I've worked with such a gifted professional.


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