A Message From Dr. Bernstein

One of the most difficult things for people who are considering psychotherapy is that they know very little about it. Since therapists themselves disagree (strongly) about what therapy is, how is a potential patient supposed to make such an important decision?

  • What is a good therapist?
  • How long should it take?
  • What kind of therapy is best for me?
  • How bad are my problems?
  • Do I even need therapy, or should I be able to "pull myself up by my bootstraps" and get it together?
  • Do I need medication, and would medication take the place of therapy?
May I have the
Courage today,
To live the life
That I would love,
To postpone my
Dream no longer
But do at last what
I came here for
And waste my heart
On fear no more.

-John O'Donohue

Most people have all these questions, and a lot more. I have many years of experience in helping people navigate the confusing world of psychological treatment, to find what works for them as they deal with depression and other mood disorders, addictions to substances and people, struggles with finding identity and meaningfulness in life, relationship problems, and self-sabotaging behaviors.

When you come in, we will talk about your specific situation: what's working for you and what's not; what you wish you could change; how your issues are affecting your overall satisfaction with life—your dreams, relationships and work. Then we'll assess your situation together, based on who you are and what you want: what kind of treatment might work best for you, whether medication might be helpful, what is realistic to expect. If I feel working with me is a good option for you, I'll let you know that—if not, I'll make recommendations and help you find what you need.

Please contact me for a consultation, and start taking charge of your own life!